The Changing Face Of The Luxury Consumer

The Changing Face Of The Luxury Consumer

By 2030, millennials will hold five times as much wealth as they do today.

That’s just one of the startling figures detailed in this piece by The Drum that illustrates the changing face of UHNW and HNW consumers globally.

As wealth changes hands to a generation with different habits than those before, financial institutions around the world need to change too.

The current private banking offering does not meet the expectations or requirements of this new generation of affluent consumers.

These individuals are living a global lifestyle, valuing speed, efficiency and the ability to manage their finances anywhere at any time. There is now a huge demand for premium financial products and services that can offer a seamless user experience at unparalleled speed.

The younger generation wants to do things differently. Privat 3 Money is waiting to do that with them.