High-Net-Worth Youngsters Are Doing Things Differently

High-Net-Worth Youngsters Are Doing Things Differently

“When the next generation inherits money from their parents, they typically don’t stay with their parents’ financial adviser.” – Stephen Bird, CEO of abrdn.

As evidenced in this article from the Financial Times, increasing numbers of younger HNW individuals are coming into wealth. The result? Different industries, such as asset management, are needing to pivot to accommodate this generation’s range of complex needs.

This is where we are leading the way in personal finance: young people want to be digitally connected, work fast, and move their money quickly. Privat 3 Money meets this demand, removing any barriers to efficiency with a seamless, AI-powered platform that allows people to manage their finances anywhere in the world.

Stephen Bird is absolutely correct to say that the younger generation typically choose new and improved services, but we take it a step further: Privat 3 Money is designed for all HNW individuals regardless of generation. As is reflected in our client base demographics, all HNWs can benefit from an effortless and digital alternative banking solution. The younger generation may be leading the way in terms of testing new technologies and services that fit into their lifestyle, but we’ve seen that their parents and grandparents are not far behind.