Are We Ignoring A Growing Digital Divide?

Are We Ignoring A Growing Digital Divide?

In the past few years, the functionality, responsiveness and flexibility that some of the world’s fastest growing fintech companies have provided customers with is truly ground-breaking.

The idea of offering these same benefits to our clients in a personal finance setting formed the bedrock of Privat 3 Money and reflected the level of utility we wanted to provide.

However, alongside the fast adoption of digital products has come a negative side effect: a growing digital divide between those at ease with increasingly complex products and those who are not.

Amongst the core reasons that we’ve seen for this in the financial sector are a fear of falling victim to fraudulent activity and a desire to have quick and easy access to support.

Both these issues are easily addressed on our platform. In particular, our pioneering approach to account management provides users with the option of both artificial intelligence-powered and personal support, allowing our clients a range of options to solve or manage any queries as efficiently as possible.

While emerging fintech platforms traditionally command a higher proportion of younger audiences, and we’ve spoken extensively in previous posts about our platform’s alignment with the needs of the younger generation, Privat 3 Money provides a financial platform easily accessible to all generations, with the human touch to match.

The digital divide might be growing elsewhere, but everyone is enabled when it comes to Privat 3 Money.