2022: The Year Of The Truly Global Citizen?

2022: The Year Of The Truly Global Citizen?

The lingering effects of Covid-19, the ever-present and increasingly real threat of climate change and several other factors contributing to a more volatile world have all led to a rising desire for long-term relocation amongst HNWIs.

Henley & Partners – The Firm of Global Citizens® predicts that next year will see the largest millionaire migration flows on record, with many HNWIs opting for residence or citizenship by investment programs as a hedge against future lockdowns and economic shocks. Outside of attractive citizenship opportunities, countries that are drawing in wealthy individuals tend to be economically resilient, with low crime and advantageous tax rates.

The firm’s forecast figures estimate that the top ten countries for net inflow of HNWIs in 2022 will be:

🇦🇪The United Arab Emirates
🇳🇿New Zealand

Affluent individuals have always been incredibly mobile in terms of travel, but this level of movement would mark a step-change in how HNWIs identify themselves around the globe: with multiple residencies, several nationalities and freedom to travel, they would truly be citizens of the world.

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