The Dawn Of Luxury 3.0

The Dawn Of Luxury 3.0

“In Luxury 3.0, the communities surrounding a brand have become active stakeholders. It is a landscape that places stories over product; knowledge over possession; community over crowds; participation and experiences over observation.”

Luxury and our definition of the concept is changing, and this excerpt from Highsnobiety and Boston Consulting Group (BCG)‘s landmark exploration into the new luxury landscape resonated with us.


Because at Privat 3 Money, we used that same landscape to build our business. We’ve created a platform based on what those who use it have told us they need. We’ve taken into account their stories, we’ve tapped into their knowledge, we’ve delved into their past experiences to create a product that is truly dedicated to serving them and solving their problems.

Our clients don’t just feel like stakeholders in our business because we cater to their every financial wish. They feel like stakeholders because they’ve built the product they use today.

Exclusively made just for them – that’s true luxury.