HNWIs In Asia-Pacific Turning More Prudent

HNWIs In Asia-Pacific Turning More Prudent

Asian-Pacific HNWIs are favouring a more conservative investment approach, but crypto is still hot for those in Indonesia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

With growing market uncertainty and volatility, HNWIs in the Asia-Pacific region are largely taking a more prudent approach towards investing.

Traditional assets such as equities and bonds are out, and private equity is in, according to the 2022 Asia-Pacific HNWIs study by Lombard Odier Group.

This move away from riskier investments largely includes cryptocurrencies, with 83% of respondents either having no investments or allocating less than 5% of their portfolio in the digital asset.

But not for those in Indonesia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, with the proportion of HNWIs in those locations holding crypto standing at 70%, 59% and 55% respectively.

This niche appetite for risk in certain territories, coupled with the finding that 82% of HNWIs still valuing a personal relationship with their banks shows the continued value of really understanding your HNWI customer.

Products and services can use broader market trends to dictate how they evolve, and still succeed in pleasing a majority of their clients. But businesses that prioritise understanding both the broader market as well as the unique requirements of each individual can create a service that pleases all of their clients.

That’s a level of understanding we at P3 pride ourselves on achieving. So we can build products for everyone, including those corners of the world where the risk appetite might be subtly different.