India’s Wealth Factory

India’s Wealth Factory

As the number of billionaires across the world continues to rise, few countries are experiencing such vast wealth creation at the top as India.

Doubling in the last decade, the cumulative worth of all the 142 dollar billionaires based in India is $832bn – more than 1/4th of the country’s GDP.

The vast majority of the businesses that have created this wealth are based domestically, aided substantially by a buoyant equity market which despite making up just 3.2% of the global equity market cap, is still bustling at $3.48 trillion.

A consistent theme of this growth has been the nurturing of wealth over generations, with business families at the heart of this recent growth.

In this piece, Fortune India digs deeper into these titans of industry, the sectors creating this wave of wealth, and the different generational outlooks of those on this maiden billionaires list.