The luxury resorts accepting payment via crypto

The luxury resorts accepting payment via crypto

Could cash and credit cards soon become a thing of the past when it comes to luxury travel?

Back in 2019, Switzerland’s Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich became the first hotel in the world to accept payment via crypto.

Since then, a number of others have followed suit including luxury resort chain Soneva, and most recently the Palazzo Versace Dubai.

Soneva have taken things even further, allowing customers to make payments without any risk of price volatility by offering locked-in exchange rates, real-time conversions and no chargebacks.

In fact, it’s not just high-end hotels that can be booked and paid for in the coin, airlines including Alternative Airlines, Air Baltic and luxury tour operator Travala, which offers lavish experiences in over 230 countries, also accept Bitcoin as a means of payment for flights and trips.

It could be some while before crypto payments become the mainstream, and even longer until they become the sole option available – but as we move further and further into the digital world, it seems more conceivable than ever before.