Privat 3 Money launches bespoke mobile trading platform to HNW clients

Privat 3 Money launches bespoke mobile trading platform to HNW clients

  • Privat 3 Money has launched a bespoke mobile trading platform, accessible via its mobile app, becoming only the second digital financial institution in the UK offering this in-app service.
  • The trading platform has been brought to market via a partnership between FINRA regulated DriveWealth and FCA regulated P3 Wealth, a Privat 3 Money sister entity.
  • The partnership gives clients the opportunity not only to access deposits and payment services, but to invest all through one mobile platform.
  • Customers now have access to the NYSE and the NASDAQ, two of the biggest exchanges in the world.
  • Privat 3 Money is disrupting the private wealth arena with the ultimate digital financial platform.

Launching this month, the platform gives P3 eligible clients the opportunity not only to access digital payment and deposit services, but now the ability to invest through one account and trade U.S. equities via access to two of the biggest exchanges in the world, the NYSE and NASDAQ. Eventually, P3 hopes to enable the trading of mainstream cryptocurrencies seamlessly thanks to this fast tech solution, subject to future authorisation.

It’s all thanks to a partnership with U.S. based global fintech investment rail DriveWealth, whose modern and sophisticated back-end technology provides P3 customers with the market access, brought to life through the front-end of Privat 3’s mobile platform.

FINRA regulated DriveWealth was founded in 2012 with the vision that investing in the U.S. stock market should be accessible globally, inexpensively and digitally. Since then, the business has developed into a global powerhouse by partnering with over 100 fintechs, neobanks, and wallets to make U.S. listed securities available to investors worldwide.
“We’re on the cusp of a digital revolution within personal finance, and through partnerships with like-minded firms like Privat 3, we’re giving customers the tools needed to take control of their financial lives.” said Harry Temkin, Chief Information Officer at DriveWealth.

The partnership with Privat 3 Money has been facilitated via a tie up with P3 Wealth, an FCA regulated investment firm wholly owned by Reda Bedjaoui, Privat 3 Money’s Founder and Principal. It’s this relationship that allows Privat 3 clients who are boarded to DriveWealth to transact due to the licence provided by P3 Wealth.

“We’re only the second UK financial institution to offer clients access to both banking-like services and trading capabilities on one platform, through one account,” said Reda Bedjaoui, Founder of Privat 3 Money.

“It’s a product that gives P3 eligible clients a more efficient way to invest their money, using streamlined tools that are built with the future of finance in mind. In a busy, global and time-poor world, it’s a game-changing innovation for our clients.”