Wealthtech to The Rescue Amid Doom and Gloom For Wealth Managers

Traditional wealth management firms are turning to tech in a bid to save themselves, but is it already too late? The wealth management industry is on the verge of the most significant intergenerational wealth transfer in history, and new wealth holders are looking to shake things up. In 2021, EY found that 28% of wealth

The luxury resorts accepting payment via crypto

Could cash and credit cards soon become a thing of the past when it comes to luxury travel? Back in 2019, Switzerland’s Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich became the first hotel in the world to accept payment via crypto. Since then, a number of others have followed suit including luxury resort chain Soneva, and most

India’s Wealth Factory

As the number of billionaires across the world continues to rise, few countries are experiencing such vast wealth creation at the top as India. Doubling in the last decade, the cumulative worth of all the 142 dollar billionaires based in India is $832bn – more than 1/4th of the country’s GDP. The vast majority of

HNWIs In Asia-Pacific Turning More Prudent

Asian-Pacific HNWIs are favouring a more conservative investment approach, but crypto is still hot for those in Indonesia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. With growing market uncertainty and volatility, HNWIs in the Asia-Pacific region are largely taking a more prudent approach towards investing. Traditional assets such as equities and bonds are out, and private equity is

Luxury Brands Prep For Millennial Domination

By 2025, Millennial’s & Gen-Z will dominate the luxury space with a 70% market share. It comes as leading luxury brands are preparing for a seismic shift in buying power towards younger generations, who are looking to invest in ‘expressive luxury’, a step change from the affordable luxury trend that has dominated in recent years.

The Rise Of The ‘Freemium’ Millennial Mindset

The “freemium” millennial mindset is reframing how financial institutions need to service their clients. Earlier this year, Capgemini examined nearly 3,000 high net worth individuals (HNWI). It found that millennials coming into wealth are far more price-sensitive than the previous generation, especially in a bear market. Younger HNWIs are less willing to pay for straightforward access because

From Bartering, To Banknotes, To Bitcoin

Money has defined our societies function since the days of bartering, but in all corners of the globe the use of physical currency is drawing to an end. The age of digital currencies has arrived and cash has company. But we don’t yet have the technology and stability required for society to wholeheartedly embrace this

Why Brands Need To Prepare For The Great Wealth Transfer

“We are standing on the precipice of the greatest transfer of wealth in modern history.” Over the next ten years, millennials and Get Z stand to gain trillions of dollars passed down from previous generations. For many brands and businesses, this will truly be a pivotal moment where they will have to adapt to a

You’re Always Ready To Travel With P3

Are you in a “ready to travel” mindset? If so, look no further than Privat 3 Money. According to data from Virtuoso, 85% of high-net-worth individuals surveyed stated that they were in a “ready to travel” mindset, with 86% planning on acting on this and booking an international trip in the coming months. With Privat

The Rise Of Passion Investing

They say follow your passion, and for some when it comes to investing that is proving to be lucrative advice. For centuries, passion investing has been as much about enjoying the asset you own as it has been about searching for returns, but when it comes to some luxury investment types, passion has made for