Privat 3 Money Backs Leading Wine Investment Platform Cult Wines

Privat 3 Money Backs Leading Wine Investment Platform Cult Wines

We’re delighted to have today announced an investment into Cult Wines, the world’s leading wine investment platform.

The strategic investment will see us work collaboratively on technical innovations and integrations with Cult Wines’ additional investment platform Cult X, as well as hosting unique, priceless experiences for our respective HNW clients around the world.

The investment raise has been restricted to a handful of high-profile investors, with Finnish Formula One driver Valtteri Bottas, former Blackrock CIO Chris Jones and the former CEO and Chairman of Moet Hennessy Christophe Navarre joining Privat 3 Money in investing.

Since its establishment in 2007, Cult Wines has aspired to revolutionise the fine wine market by enhancing its accessibility and transparency. By investing heavily in its product and service offerings, the company has successfully addressed key market challenges that have historically inhibited the growth of the market, like price transparency, liquidity and accessibility.

Cult Wines now features two innovative platforms: Cult Wine Investment, which reshapes consumer wine investment through a managed portfolio service, and CultX, a leading-edge digital trading platform that heightens market price transparency. The company has £290m worth of assets under management, a global client network spanning 83 countries and 1.25m bottles of wine in their care in the UK.

Commenting on the investment, Reda Bedjaoui, our CEO, said: “We are thrilled to be investing in Cult Wines, a company that shares our values of excellence and innovation. We are excited about the potential for technological collaboration between our two companies, and the opportunity to bring new and unique investment experiences to our clients.”