From Bartering, To Banknotes, To Bitcoin

Money has defined our societies function since the days of bartering, but in all corners of the globe the use of physical currency is drawing to an end. The age of digital currencies has arrived and cash has company. But we don’t yet have the technology and stability required for society to wholeheartedly embrace this

You’re Always Ready To Travel With P3

Are you in a “ready to travel” mindset? If so, look no further than Privat 3 Money. According to data from Virtuoso, 85% of high-net-worth individuals surveyed stated that they were in a “ready to travel” mindset, with 86% planning on acting on this and booking an international trip in the coming months. With Privat

The Rise Of Passion Investing

They say follow your passion, and for some when it comes to investing that is proving to be lucrative advice. For centuries, passion investing has been as much about enjoying the asset you own as it has been about searching for returns, but when it comes to some luxury investment types, passion has made for

The Six Cities Emerging As New Expat Hotspots

Since COVID kickstarted an unprecedented shift in the way we work, we’ve seen a continued trend towards global relocation in pursuit of an affordable luxury lifestyle. A decade ago, these members of the vibrant international community would have headed for Singapore, Hong Kong or Sydney. Today, new destinations are staking their claim to become the

The Dawn Of Luxury 3.0

“In Luxury 3.0, the communities surrounding a brand have become active stakeholders. It is a landscape that places stories over product; knowledge over possession; community over crowds; participation and experiences over observation.” Luxury and our definition of the concept is changing, and this excerpt from Highsnobiety and Boston Consulting Group (BCG)‘s landmark exploration into the new luxury landscape

2022: The Year Of The Truly Global Citizen?

The lingering effects of Covid-19, the ever-present and increasingly real threat of climate change and several other factors contributing to a more volatile world have all led to a rising desire for long-term relocation amongst HNWIs. Henley & Partners – The Firm of Global Citizens® predicts that next year will see the largest millionaire migration flows

Are We Ignoring A Growing Digital Divide?

In the past few years, the functionality, responsiveness and flexibility that some of the world’s fastest growing fintech companies have provided customers with is truly ground-breaking. The idea of offering these same benefits to our clients in a personal finance setting formed the bedrock of Privat 3 Money and reflected the level of utility we

The Spending Habits Of The Worlds Emerging Billionaires

How are the traditional tendencies of billionaires changing with emerging wealth? Jonny Dodge has the answers in a piece written for the Grit Daily News. 🚧 Age is no barrier to entry – the average age of a superyacht owner has dropped by ten years since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, with Web3 and cryptocurrency stimulating

High-Net-Worth Youngsters Are Doing Things Differently

“When the next generation inherits money from their parents, they typically don’t stay with their parents’ financial adviser.” – Stephen Bird, CEO of abrdn. As evidenced in this article from the Financial Times, increasing numbers of younger HNW individuals are coming into wealth. The result? Different industries, such as asset management, are needing to pivot to accommodate